Players (9/19/07)

Fred is playing Gold. Fred is, as noted, crazy proactive, and if anything I need to make sure not to ignore him under the assumption that he'll make his own fun. I know Deborah is used to this, but I need to watch how it bounces of Eric and Em. Eric, I think, will be fine, but Em is usually more tired than the rest of us by gametime, so I don't want her getting steamrolled. Still and all, not much of a concern.

He's introduced a very weird element into things with his wife and fetch still being young. It's weird enough that I may have to include at least one big reveal about it over the course of the game - maybe not a resolution, but enough to establish the issue. of course, that depends on me figuring out what's going on. Options include:
* Gold is not who he thinks he is
* His wife is a Mage, and has been mucking with things agressively.
* I'd be tempted to make her a promethean, but the whole hatred of the world makes that hard to justify, as much as the love story between a Fetch and a Promethean is hot.
* Oh, I like this one. What if Walter was _all_ the toy soldiers? What if something about him made his Fetch more real, so that he could be taken Again and Again and Again? His wife may be part of it - perhaps this is her end of a bargain, or perhaps she's entirely unaware of what's going on - perhaps she herself is a fae or construct of some sort.
* Three Words - Vampire and Ghoul
* Time actually warped in some way, maybe through Nazi weird science.

I think I'm going to go with the "all the soldiers" approach - it's powerful and odd, but not _freaky_ odd. It also does a nice job of giving me a personality for his Fetch-which-is-not-a-fetch.

(Maybe he's a powerful soul of some sort who needed to be harvested regularly, either for some benefit, or to keep him from achieving something, like remembering he's a true fae/archmage/demon/whatever - if so, the fact that the harvesting has stopped may mean things are about to get interesting.)

My main concern with Deborah is that, as my wife, she gets more mental bandwidth from me, and that I will always suspect that any nice thing she says are more for my benefit than because she's having fun. It's just a reminder that I need to ease back on the gas a little bit - Deborah is a crazy empathetic player, and all I need to do is keep the NPCs engaging, and she'll be hooked.

She's made an odd character - basically no combat skills to speak of, but lots of thievery. I have no idea how that's going to play out, but a few of her powers are clear flags - I absolutely need to throw her at a fingerprint or retinal scanner sometime, for example, since she can duplicate features. But beyond that, she's created a genuinely good, heroic, but now-broken character, and that's fantastic. Her fetch did the things she would have wanted to (and might have been able to, but will never know) and is, I think, a genuinely awesome person. So awesome, I think, that it may have figured things out. I think it's gone, because I think it went into arcadia to rescue Anna. I look forward to that reveal, and I need to do up at least one prop for a letter from Anna to herself.

Eric stole my book for a week, and I think it's safe to say that Changeling has eaten his head, so I've got no fears with regards to engagement. Of concern is that his character is the craziest one of the batch (though Anna has lower starting Clarity, I believe) - he's got fewer anchors in reality, and he hangs out with hobos, and is a twitchy, stabby kind of guy. There's not a lot to get any emotional hook into there, so I think I'm going to play dirty and start throwing children at him. Thematically, his character is the kid who missed the baby boom, and he views himself as a jaded adult after many years in faerie, but I look at the pieces he's laid out - the instability and the emotional distancing - and the character really is still a kid, just a badly mangled one. Additionally, Eric is the father of a young child, and I am entirely willing to hit the "kids in danger" button to engage him. I think that if the character finds itself in a protector role, things may click.

Em tends to be very all or nothing. She's a quiet, non-engaged player until she hooks into an idea, in which case she goes forward on all cylinders. This is not a problem, but it's something I need to keep an eye on, to try to make sure it stays balanced. Her character, Nika, has a lot of pragmatic handles - she's a doctor, and she's a prophet - both of those things allow easy, strong cueing. Still, they don't quite emotionally hook. Thankfully, Nika comes from a big Russian family, so there's a good case to suggest that her arc is going the be about creating a surrogate family without realizing it's what she's doing. Combined with the fact that she's got a substantial Mantle of Autumn, I think she's going to have a large number of connections, which I think she'll dig.

Anyway, that's the overview - I'm still working on making the sheets readable and friendly. I put up a draft in the files section, but for the moment that looks a bit too cluttered.