Where to play

So, I've got a crew (settled on 4) and a planned time. Need to sit down and schedule things, but at it stands, looks like chargen will be next friday, the 14th.

I loaned my book to one of the players, so until wednesday I'm lacking in a reference for the rules. That suggests that it's time for me to give a little thought to the non-mechanical elements of the game. Now, we're going to commit a whole evening to chargen, and that means we'll be discussing certain issues like power level and what point in the character's arc they're in. I'm personally leaning towards early, as I'm hoping to get some mileage out of people's fetches, but we'll see where interest lies.

One thing I was going to wait on was to see which city we should do it in, but realistically this is not a point that my players are going to be very passionate about. I could try to beat an answer out of them, but they're just not likely to invest too much in it, so I'm now looking at that decision.

The first option is to just go with the default setting - Miami. It's cool, and a lot of the work has already been done, but I'll be frank. I have no idea what Miami feels like. I've never even been to Florida or read/seen any of the mystery fiction that makes its home there (well, ok, I saw Striptease, but I don't think that counts). And more, it has no winter. Seriously - my Vermont-born reality has difficulty grasping that. Northern California was about as weird as I can take in that regard. Without winter, I'm not entirely sure what human beings _do_.

Second option is Baltimore. I've already researched the hell out of it for
The Dresden Files RPG, so I'm certainly armed, and its close and familiar, which is a big plus. However, I've already done so much Dresden with it that I'm not sure I could safely keep the two idea pools firewalled, so that's probably a no go.

Third option is DC. It's the biggest city I know best, and lord knows it's full of interesting potential history and such. This tempts, but I'm slightly disinclined because if I do DC, I think I'll instinctively want to take the game big. Move onto the Movers and Shakers. Aaron Sorkin's Changeling, And that would be cool, but I'm not sure I'm up for that quite yet.

#4 - Burlington, VT - could work very well. it's a weird, not terribly large city that I know quite well. That plays to one of changeling's strengths - since the logic of freeholds is based upon how close a place is to the hedge rather than the presence or absence of people (as is the case in the big three) it is just as likely to find Changelings in a small town as in a big city, possibly without any rhyme or reason. Consider, in contrast, trying to run Vampire in a small city - you start hitting upon resource issues very, very quickly. But changelings? They can rock out, no problem. So this is definitely a strong contender. Interestingly, this logic also makes a good case for Frederick, MD.

Next possibility is just making something up. An invented city is definitely an option, but I don't have one sitting in mind at the moment. This would be most tempting if i was intimidated by researching a real city or if there was something I needed to have that a real city couldn't provide. Neither is the case, so while I'm not ruling out this possibility, it's not likely.

And the problem is that at this point I start to waffle. Burlington's a good choice, but I twitch and wonder if it's narcissistic or too small. Maybe I need to do Portland or Pittsburgh or something. No rational objections, but just a sense that there's a better choice.

So I'll compromise. I'm mailing my players about scheduling anyway, and I'll see if maybe I'm wrong and they have ideas about setting I haven't considered. If they don't, it'll probably be Burlington or Frederick, unless something especially inspirational strikes me. If they do, I will at least have something more to think about than just being neurotic.