Gilded and Prep

I've been mostly working offline in prep for the first session, transcribing characters, preparing handouts and such. I'll upload them when they're ready, but I'm infinitely fiddling with them for the moment.

I did settle on the Kith Blessing for the Gilded. I'd forgotten that the Fairest already can boost their Presence, so I didn't i need to include that. Instead, I concentrated on the idea of the gilded - lots of surface, but not necessarily any depth. Net result was as follows:

The Gilded are those fairest who have been made lovely by decoration, with skin of precious metal, eyes of gemstones and little of note beneath the surface. They are able to make a Fantastic First Impression, and gain +2 dice and benefit from 9 again on the very first social roll they make to interact with someone the first time they meet them.

I'm not 100% confident on the balance on this one. It's a very big, but very specialized bonus, and it is going to come up most often with unnamed NPCs, since the ability is of little use with any recurring cast. On one hand, this suggests that it will see a decent amount of use, since the world is full of people you'll meet only once, and only _need_ one roll for. On the other hand, those people tend to have smallish pools, so it's not like the bonus is _necessary_. The net result is that the player is more likely to get an exceptional success on that first roll and never be abel to repeat it. That feels like exactly the right sort of outcome, but we'll see how it plays out at the table.