Next Step - Kiths and Chargen

Ok, so I need to plan my schedule a bit better, but I think we might be able to do chargen next friday. I have 2 concrete bodies and two more I just need to catch online to make certain of. That means maybe one more seat, but maybe I'll be smart staying at 4.

I've been pondering the Kiths. Now, compared to old changeling, the sheer variety of options is through the roof. Combined with the setting limitation that characters are still pretty much human, ruling out 6 inch pixies with fairy wings (and thank goodness), the range is broad indeed, but it's still a numerical cap around the mid-30s. Or at least so it first appears.

One of the things that I think was very clever is that the kith's are loose types, rather than strict one. The beasts are probably the best example of this - each kith is a type of animal, but may be any animal within those bounds. Thus, while there is only one kith for birds, that kith can as easily be used for eagles, pigeons, ravens and seagulls. That's pretty sweet, and I think it addresses the big issue of making sure players get the character they feel like they should have.

In my mind, the question of what you did in service of the Gentry is one of the most important questions in chargen (possibly second only to "What did you come back for?") and the idea that your form altered to better serve that purpose allows players to come in from a very open ended perspective, and the real question is how many answers to that question can be reasonably answered within the existing kiths.

suspicion is that a lot of them can. Not all, certainly, but the variety of form and style available (especially between the Fairest, Darklings and Wizened, who are barely bounded at all in their descriptions) is enough that I've been hard pressed to hit on something I could not fit into the current structure, at least to my satisfaction. That's not enough to make it decisive, but it's enough to make me comfortable.

Now, the real strength is on the flipside. If a player comes to the table looking through the kiths for inspiration, there are
more than enough options that this player should have no shortage of potential ideas without a strong likelihood of overlap. As an example, if I want to make a character who is good at fighting or sneaking or talking, there is no obvious correct choice, and that makes me very happy indeed. It means two people might have similar ideas, but be able to pursue them very differently, and that's always welcome from my perspective.

Of course, this doesn't men I'm not thinking about new Kiths, just because I can. Adding a whole new type is rough - it would require a new contract, general abilities and most importantly there would have to be some need to fill that I don't quite see. But adding a kith is really a matter of picking the equivalent of a 1 dot power and calling it a day. The balance among the existing kith is hardly precise, so I figure as long as you don't include anything more potent than the Mirrorskins (who I think have the most potent ability) but still make it something someone would want to use, you're good to go.

As an aside, I've gotten some reports of rss choking. I haven't been able to replicate it, but I'm trying to see if I can suss out the problem.