Character sheets

The 1 page version of the character sheets are now up in the Downloads section. I say 1 page because the actual character sheets are 4 pages long, with a page about the hedge and two pages of rules summary - the basics, combat, clarity and so on. I could probably have squeezed and shorthanded it down to two pages, but a big part of making a game friendly is making it easy to reference. (I haven't put up the full ones because they are such restatements of white wolf stuff that I'd feel like I'm skirting the pirates edge. Technically, summarizing isn't, but I have no desire to disrespect the game in that fashion.)

While I hope these will be useful for the players, this has also been a very useful for me. It's forced me to internalize a lot of the mechanics by virtue of writing them down, and it's given me a strong sense of what rules I'm going to have to tag for easy lookup, or copy into my own cheatsheet. Hell, I might even buy the GM's screen, though that's a weird thought for me. I tried using one for D&D, and it never quite clicked. Of course, WW does make these great man-killing GM screens, so I may overcome my resistance.

I'm a little worried about combat, I admit. We have a doctor, but no healer (no spring court at all, in fact) among the PCs, and I can mitigate that some with goblin fruits and NPCs, there is so little damage mitigation (and only a little more defense boosting) that I am slightly worried that I will accidentally kill everyone once the first fight busts out. If nothing else, I'm going to go out of my way to avoid enemies with guns, which should work out ok. We were discussing the system last night and I explained it as follows: this is the combat system for a horror game, not an action game. Plan accordingly.

The good news is that made sense to my audience, so if nothing else I may have accidentally recaptured one of the elements I loved about Rolemaster: fear.

First game is this friday. I'm planning on opening up right into people's issues - 5 sessions means there's no point in waiting - so i think I've got a pretty full quiver, but that knowledge doesn't diminish the nervousness.