Some Sample Kiths

If you haven't read the previous post about how to make your own Kiths, I'd start there, since it's the frame for these.

Suppose someone wants a Beast with arctic characteristics - a Walrus, say. Sure, they could go with the usual Swimmerskin package, but the player wants to reflect the arctic element. This is still going to be an aquatic kith, so the heart of it will be like Swimmerskin, with the character able to hold his breath underwater for a long time, but we can replace the secondary ability with something else, such as a resistance to cold temperatures. That seems simple enough, so all we need is a name. Blubberhide would probably not go over well, so we'll call it Icehide.

Icehide - Changelings who draw their affinity from the aquatic beasts of the arctic, such as walruses and seals. The Icehide's blessing is
Frozen Depths. He can hold his breath underwater for half an hour, as if he had a 7 stamina, though he can hold it no longer than normal out of water. Additionally, the character never faces any risk of hypothermia (or even discomfort) from cold water.

Next, let's consider a Darkling. All darklings are good at stealth, so one can be sure that someone, somewhere wants an assassin, a knife that strikes from the shadows. So we'll run with that, and go for a combat ability of some sort. Now, as discussed, combat abilities make for very small bonuses, not likely more than +1 without some sort of large qualifier. One easy solution might be akin to the Blade Lore of the Wizened Soldiers, and grant a specialty which applies to a certain sort of combat - striking from ambush in this case - but that's a little dull. Let's look into the rules for ambush and see if maybe there's a derived ability we can put a bonus on.

Surprise seems to mostly depend upon the target making a wits+composure roll to see if they can act. We could maybe try to modify that, but it has the feel of a rule that's in place for a good reason - specifically to prevent people getting hosed by surprise attacks. However, one other interesting piece of rules jumps to mind - surprised targets do not get their defense, but they _do_ get their armor. Allowing our darkling to bypass armor in these situations seems like a possibility. Ignoring penalties allows more leeway than adding bonuses (because they come up less often), and this is a very specific sort of situation. However, completely ignoring armor makes for some potential cognitive issues if the target is VERY armored, so a cap might be in order. With that in mind, with produce the NightKnife.

Nightknife - Darklings who served as the final expression of their master's displeasure, their work was dark indeed - assassination and murder. The Nightknife's blessing is
Strike from the Shadows - when attacking a target in melee who is deprived of their defense due to surprise, the changeling may ignore three points of the target's armor.

Ok, one more, just because these things take time. Let's try an elemental, and go for one of the obvious gaps - thunder and lightning. Not only do we have a storm-themed major NPC, but there's a guy tossing lightning right there in the art. We need a storm elemental.

Now, there's a temptation to go right to the lightning chucking, but that would absolutely be a combat ability, and definitely a bit over the top. We could maybe go for some sort of electrified touch, granting +1 bashing damage when unarmed, but that's kind of dull and, strangely, a bit too literal. Notice that some of the elemental abilities have a lot more to do with the metaphorical features of the element, rather than just literally throwing the element around, so there may be some potential there. The storm is rich in potential - the tempest is all about wild energy, the thunder booms, the lightning is quick. Since I don't really want to get into berserk-style rules to reflect the passion, the most appealing thought is that idea of presence and energy, which sounds like a bonus to Intimidation and Socialize. Taking the idea of thunder a bit further is enough to suggest the special ability and we end up with:

Stormborn - Thunder and lightning roll through the veins of this changeling, carrying power and passion. Their blessing is
Voice of Thunder - Their speaking voice carries like thunder, from the rolling boom of enthusiasm to the distant rumble of menace. The changeling receives the benefit of 9 again when rolling Socialize or Intimidate, and when addressing a crowd, he may always be heard clearly without the benefit of a sound system and despite any ambient noise.

(Note that the special ability is cool, bit not necessarily potent. This is ok because Socialize and Intimidation is a powerful 1-2 punch).

Anyway, that's enough for now. Maybe more later, but I think this gets the idea across.