Hopefully, it will work this time

Another swing at hiding the entry from my players, who I trust not to click.
So, apparently, if I manually put in an lj-cut tag, that will translate over to the LJ feed. Using the summary/main entry split should work for most regular RSS readers, so I _think_ we're good. Despite that, I'm going to start with a smaller peek behind the curtain, so that if this one explodes horribly, I'm not spilling all the beans.

Ok, so the setup: The Boy, a fae in the mold of Peter Pan and the Squire of Gothos, was responsible for capturing each of the PCs and keeping them in servitude. They escaped as a result of a terrible tantrum of his that broke toyland and gave everyone an opportunity to escape. Fred was the one who, at the table, provided the impetus, but Fred is also a very, very proactive player, and I was uncomfortable with the fall of the boy being entirely his, so when I wrote up the summaries of the characters, each of them is (by their narrative) the one responsible for The Boy's explosion. Not only does that satisfy me as a GM, it satisfies me on a story level - I can envision this chain of events much more clearly than a can any single event.

Looking over the characters sheets, one mechanical concern has struck me - I need to help my players twink. The difference that timing can make in character creation is almost appalling, so I'm talking to them about optimizing a bit. It's shameless, but honestly, the difference is so pronounced that I feel bad if we don't do it. So far I've done it for Fred and Deborah, and I've given Eric full authority to do it for himself an Em. The difference is pronounced - on average, people have picked up another dot of stats (sometimes a 4th dot) and a second dot of Wyrd without otherwise changing their sheets substantially.

So, now I have the characters.

Now I just knock wood and hope this worked.