Creating New Kiths

So, I sat down and looked over the kiths and thinking about what's involved in making new ones, so I broke down the entire list of bonuses, chewed them over a bit and I think it's actually pretty trivial to create new kiths, so here's my ballpark method for doing it.

Option 1 - Steal
There are a few options, but the first one to bear in mind is that there's nothing that keeps you from stealing between existing kiths. If you want to make a a character who spent their time as a star in the sky, but you want them to be an elemental, there's nothing that keeps you from making an elemental with the Bright One kith. SImilarly, if you want to play a beast with cephalopod characteristics and you want to emphasize the bonelessless of the character, go ahead and borrow the tunnelgrub kith ability. And heck, the Woodblood ability is a great way to do a chameleon-like Beast.

Option 2 - Build
So, while there is a wide variety among the various Kith abilities, there are a few core templates that a lot of the kith use.
* A small combat bonus. Examples include doing lethal damage with bare hands or a +1 bonus which can be applied to a combat roll. That +1 bonus is about as much as you're going to get,
maybe with a "Spend a glamour to reroll the ability". Examples: Draconic, Hunterheart
* A bonus to two non-combat skills plus some small bonus (generally 9 again), either equivalent to a small merit, a minor glamour-activiated effect (such as a reroll) or the ability to use a skill when it might not be appropriate. Alternately, 9 again on 3 different skills, with no bonus. Examples: Flowering, Antiquarian, Snowskin, Woodblood.
* A bonus to many skills or a stat, but only under specific circumstances.
* A very narrow but powerful non-combat bonus, generally +3 (or 8 again( to a specific application of a specific skill with a potent supporting effect. Example: Mirrorskin, Steepscrambler, Artist.
* Underwater abilities tend to be the ability to survive underwater for a time (either 30 minutes or a scene) and some supporting effect, either related to mobility or some other matter of functioning underwater.
* Access to an ability, such as purchasing another seeming's contracts more cheaply. Only one example of this (Maninkins) but it's worth remembering.

Beyond those abilities, there are a number of colorful effects that demand the expenditure of glamour. These seem to require either spending one glamour, or granting a scaling bonus (which is to say, the bonus increases with each point spent). There are some stat boosters (Though you can be sure there's a reason there's no dex booster) but the more interesting abilities seem to be roughly balanced with 1 dot abilities, and when they exceed that, they have some sort of drawback. To be totally frank, these are less easily templated than the other abilities, so it's just worth eyeballing the existing abilities and asking "Is there any reason I would take an existing ability rather than this cool new one?" If the answer is no, then it's probably out of whack.

Next up - we'll turn theory into practice, and write up some examples of this.